Research Methods

I conductued longitudinal interviews with the same framilies from 2006-2008 to understand how the changes in the economy were affecting thier perceptions and motivations around spending. 



During our interviews we tried to talk to all of the members of the family. We also had a number of activities for the decision makers of the house hold.  You can see a sample of some of the activities here:






We also visited every room of every house to probe on what was important in each room and note how brand choices had changed in the last year.




After the interview we asked the key decision maker to take us on a shopping trip. We went grocery shopping with all 5 families.




This project was packaged for a microsite for dcontinuum.com. The site has since come down, but you can see one of the videos here:

Consumer Spending- Getting away with it from Beth Johnson on Vimeo.