Innovation & Evaluation

Generative and evaluative research both lead to innovation. With generative research we will ask ourselves broad questions like how might we align our product segment with a specific unmet user need. With evaluative research we may ask more specific questions like how might we improve this concept or interaction.  Innovation starts with the user. The data we gather in the field is analyzed to show trends. Those trends are used to stimulate designers, engineers, and marketers to create new concepts and ways to surprise and delight users.

I am a big fan of running innovation sessions with multi-disciplinary teams. Each team member brings a different point of view and skill set to solving the problem at hand.

Here are some examples from recent innovations sessions:


After we develop concepts and solutions we should focus on evaluation. If this is a new concept we need to determine desirability, usability, feasibility, and viability. This is done through a combination of user evaluations, usability testing, technology audits, and business segment analysis. If the concept is an improvement on a current product or service and additional usability test may be needed. The goal is to take an iterative user informed approach to innovation.