The perfect healthcare space today will not be perfect tomorrow. Healthcare organizations face an ongoing challenge in managing their facilities: while treatment and care processes continually evolve, many healthcare spaces are not designed to adapt.

Compass helps navigate change. A modular system of interchangeable components for hospital and outpatient facilities, Compass is used to create applications for patient rooms, exam rooms, caregiver work areas, and other clinical spaces.


Research Methods


We talked to patients, families, nurses, administrators, and Architecture & Design firms to understand every aspect of hospital furniture. We wanted to know everything from how it is used to how it is purchased.





During this project I spent a shift shadowing a nurse to understand her needs and values as well as to observe her interactions with room furniture.




Every member of the project team spent a day in a mock hospital room, connected to mock IVs.





Our designs and technical mock ups were validated by everyone from patients and nurses to CDC officials.